In case of an accident


At our workshop we have seven lanes, of which two are 30 meters in length, for the maintenance of modular goods vehicles.
We carry out all types of repairs of trucks and trailers, and specialise in welding stainless steel and aluminium, repairs of damage to glass fibre on a separate heated lane, construction and mounting of hydraulic hoses, truck lift maintenance and tarpaulin repairs.

Periodic inspection and ADR-certification is usually done on a day-to-day basis

In accordance with the agreed contract, we are authorised to service:

Axles: BPW, SAF, Fruehauf and ROR
Rear hydraulic lift: Zepro, HMF, Erkel etc.
Trailer brands: Schmitz, Krone, Kelberg, Sommer etc.

We have been approved by the large insurance companies to make insured repairs.

Extra security for vehicles in our workshop

Regrettably, goods vehicles are valuable targets for thieves and vandals. In recognition of this, we offer our customers extra security with bright lighting, video surveillance cameras and coded locks to our parking area.
Our customers also have the option of renting a number of parking spaces in our fenced-in area.

And if you have an accident…

The workshop has access to a fully-equipped service truck, which together with our extensive range of spare parts, can provide an effective round-the-clock emergency service.


Tlf.: +45 7551 3000
Workshop direct: +45 4080 8188
Spare parts direct: +45 4080 8182